Get rewarded for best quality video at Padhio

Yes. You heard it right.

The best quality video gets picked every week on Padhio. So, what do we look for in a good quality video?

  1. The right amount of information: Two minutes is a short time, sufficient, but short given our understanding of standard classroom teaching. To deliver a concept in 2min, one must ace the game of precision. In a quality video, we therefore look for a good balance between too little and too much information. The information should be simple, to the point and must match the learning outcomes that a video aims to achieve.
  2. Video clarity: Is the text in the video clear? Is the white board work clearly visible? Are shadows blocking a clear view? Am I squinting to see the information? Am I straining my eyes to grasp the video? These are some of the questions we frequently ask ourselves when checking for video clarity. An unclear video can significantly spoil a student’s experience of learning and hence be rated low in quality.
  3. Sound clarity: To perform any task effectively, focused attention is required. When a video has buzzing sounds, people talking in the background, it can significantly distract a student’s attention. Unclear voice of the educator also puts more strain on the students. In a video with unclear voice, efforts go in making sense of what the educator is saying, rather than understanding the concept being explained. Good sound quality is therefore definitely a winning point for educators.
  4. Delivery: Basically means, your presentation of information inside the video. Cheerful, energetic, clear voice is what we look for. Avoid being monotonous and don’t forget to add a personal touch to your speaking.
  5. X-factor: Something creative, out of the box, unusual, hard to find in regular classrooms. Videos with x-factors can be unique in many ways: in their presentation, the concepts they are explaining, the way they are explaining it. In short, ‘the WOW- factor’ can hook a student and solidify the learning at the same time.

Hope you find these points useful in improving your video quality. We look forward to your amazing videos. More power to you.