June Bonanza

June Bonanza is here and we are super excited to announce it. 

We know that there will be many questions popping up in your head. Read through to get answers.


We understand that it’s hard work to create content. With June bonanza, we want to celebrate teachers’ efforts of creating content on Padhio. Throughout the month of June, Padhio educators can earn cash on videos they upload.


It’s simple: Create and upload. 

For every 10 videos that you upload, you get a INR 500/- cash reward. Don’t worry, we are keeping a count.


Payments are done every 10 days. But we count your videos every week. Every batch of 10 approved videos gets you INR 500/- cash. On submitting 10 videos, you will get a mail with payment details. Just confirm the bank details, and the money will be transferred to your account (via NEFT) in 3-5 working days.

Things to keep in mind:

1) Only approved videos are considered for cash rewards.

2) You get a cash payout for batches of 10 videos. If, in a week, your video count is less than 10, then it is carried over to next week’s video count. For e.g. Week 1: You made 15 videos in, then you will get INR 500/- at the end of week 1. Your remaining 5 videos are carried forward to next week’s count. In Week 2, if you make 15 videos again, then you get a cash reward of INR 1000/-.

3) If you create the same video in different languages, they are different videos, but for June Bonanza, they will be counted as 1 video.

4) Videos solving exercise questions in academic category will not be counted in the competition.

“Hope this information helps. To know more, write to us at educators@padhio.com