If you know it, you can teach it: Ease of teaching at Padhio

Knowledge shared is knowledge gained. There is much to this world than any of us could possibly know. What then, you may ask, is the pinnacle of all knowledge? The answer is quite simple, you teach what you know and learn what you don’t. It is through this network of sharing ideas and learning that humanity can move forward. But does such an open network exist where education flows uninterrupted, and unbarred? 

Good news!

It does and it’s called Padhio: where anyone can teach and any student can learn. 

And by anyone can teach, we mean any one! It does not matter if you are a college student, a housewife, or a professional. A simply someone who is passionate towards education or someone dissatisfied with the way that some concepts were taught to them in school or not taught at all (Watch Padhio educator, Prajwal Agarwal talk about it)!

You are free to create content on Padhio. It’s simple, it’s fast and it’s easy. 


Sounds interesting! Read on to find out how you can teach on Padhio and generate maximum impact, with small, yet powerful efforts!


Watch video to know what motivated Prajwal to join Padhio as an educator.

1. Create bite-sized videos


Educators on Padhio create videos that range from 15 seconds to 2 minutes in length. 2 minute videos are easy to create and even easier to edit. They additionally make content more focused on a single topic and smooth out the tension of creating long lesson plans. 

2. Have complete flexibility

Padhio lets you create content in your own unique way. Gone are the days of getting bogged down by syllabi and deadlines. Create videos at a pace that you like, in a manner and  a language that you like. There aren’t any lesson plans to adhere to, and you can choose your own division of subtopics for every concept. 

Imagine, visualise, create and teach. 

3. Get under the spotlight 

Teaching is an art and artists must be given the well deserved recognition for their creations. Padhio celebrates its educators in various ways; by sharing their stories of struggles and success, by hosting rewards and organizing community meetups to celebrate the creativity that educators bring to the table. These activities bring educators to the spotlight and help them build confidence, upskill and feel valued while doing what they do best, teach! . 

4. Reach out and around

The Internet powered world is a small place and Padhio helps you reach scores of students in just a few clicks. Educators on Padhio have access to a teeming network of learners interested in a wide variety of topics. The education-centric nature of the platform helps in gathering a large audience in a short period of time and you don’t have to worry about your content getting lost in a pool of cute cat videos. Deliver content in your own style, on the topics you want and stay connected with your learners.

5. Get in-built help

Educators now use a variety of tools at their disposal and the hammer of this tool box is video content. Concepts in the form of videos have revolutionised education in an unprecedented manner.

Padhio plans to have a tutor-centric, in-built tool box of video editing tools to help educators make their videos as engaging and attractive as possible and do it with ease. Educators can easily tweak their videos before submitting them. This facilitates greater video quality and will attract students to engage with the content. 

In addition to the tools, Padhio team is just one click away whenever you need assistance or help in creating videos. 


6. Get a wide variety of topics to teach on and have flexibility in defining learning objectives 

Padhio has three main categories for its content: academics, life skills and trivia. Within each broad category lies a plethora of topics to choose from. Educators can either choose the topic of their video from the list of learning objectives provided on the app or they can create their own learning objectives for the video. 

7. Network with and get inspired by other educators

At Padhio, you are never alone as an educator. You have access to a community of dedicated and driven minds that have but one goal, to teach to the best of their ability. So, put on your teaching hat and get to know your fellow educators. Share your journey and your knowledge, get experience along with advice and get inspired to do more.

Go for it! 


Written by:
Roshan Kandukuri