Most frequently questions and answers

Padhio is an online platform that connects passionate educators like you with students across the nation. The content on the platform is primarily short videos, that last 15sec to 2min. With different learning capabilities, and ever changing learning styles of students; they are always looking for better ways to understand the concepts and this is where you come in.

The length of short videos range between 15sec to 2min. Such kind of content is also popularly known as bite size content. It is usually centered around a single learning objective.

To keep it engaging. Typically, the attention span of kids (and ours too) lasts for only a couple of minutes. Hence, it’s best to keep it short, simple and to the point.

You are free to choose the style of videos as long as it explains a concept or delivers a piece of knowledge effectively. Some examples of styles are:
1. Directly speaking in front of the camera,
2. Showcasing experiments
3. Writing on white board/sheet and providing voice instructions on it
4. Animations, slideshows
5. Role Playing
We encourage experimentation and exploration of diverse creative presentations of content.
The answer is you don’t have to. The key to creating short videos that are effective and engaging is to focus on one learning objective at a time. For e.g. when explaining photosynthesis (the topic), you can have learning objectives like: knowing the reaction of photosynthesis, leaves: the place where photosynthesis occurs, do dark green leaves photosynthesize more than light green leaves and so on. You can see that photosynthesis as a topic can be broken down into multiple small independent bites. Usually, in a classroom setting, multiple bites are taught together in one go.
Padhio app for educators assists you through this process. You can access learning objectives related to a topic before you start making a video. Just tap on the create button. Select, categories, class, and topics, you wish to make your video on. On selecting topics, you can find suggestions for learning objectives related to a topic. In case, you still face difficulty in defining a learning objective for a topic, feel free to take help from Padhio support. Just drop us a message and we will be there to help you.
Yes, you can add your own learning objectives in the sub-topics section, before uploading or creating the video.
It’s completely up to you. You can put up videos as per your schedule and time available. We, however, recommend posting a bunch of videos in the start to attract student’s attention. Posting regularly and at constant times can help you maintain the flow of students to your profile.
We have the following broad categories: Academics (K-12 School Syllabus), Trivia (Science fun activities, experiments, general knowledge, fun facts, tricks etc.), and Life Skills (Social, Emotional, Financial Skills etc.). You can make videos in any of these categories. As the platform grows, more categories will be added to the current list.

Padhio has a 3 strike policy.

First strike: You will get a warning and one week suspension

Second strike: Your activity on the platform will be suspended for a month

Third strike: You will be banned from the platform.

All educators who create and publish content on the Padhio platform must conform to Indian copyright laws and global standards.

A strike will be counted if the educator takes any of the following actions on the platform:

  • Uses copyrighted or watermarked content.

  • Promotes personal details or links to other channels/content on the platform. Promotions must be done strictly via the Padhio Ads section.

  • Portrays inappropriate, sensitive and abusive content.

Students on Padhio will be from class 5th to 12th.

  • Choose diverse topics within the syllabus to make the content

  • Try and complete a specific topic

  • Stay to the point

  • Make content in vernacular languages

  • Use creative ways to engage students

The videos submitted on the Padhio platform go through an approval process. This is done to make sure that the video abides by the content policy, and is accurately categorized.

  • It violates the copyright policy

  • It contains inappropriate, sexual or abusive content

  • It is not classified under the right category/ topic or sub-topic

  • It includes a promotion

  • It is incomplete

The goal of Padhio app is to provide access to quality education to one and all in their vernacular language. We are continuously striving to add more languages in the app. In case you don’t find your language, it is still work in progress. Please leave your feedback with us and we will inform you as soon as your language of choice is available on the platform.


If you feel stuck at any point, on the platform, just text us at hi@padhio.com.

We will be there to help you instantly. Have a great time making videos!